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June 2010 - Wordulator : Wordulator

One of the irritations that goes along with owning an iPhone is the perpetual need to clean its surface.   It looks oh so pretty when you firest take it out of the box – and after that, it’s a perpetual battle to keep it clean.  Seems I was constantly grabbing a sleeve, a tissue or an eyeglass cloth from the optometrist to wipe the fingerprints off.  And nothing seemed to work until I tried the 3M microfiber […]

Ever wonder how Dad could answer all your questions?  And then you grew up and got smarter.  Now you can give him a Father’s Day gift that fits in a shirt pocket and help him reclaim his place as the smartest guy on earth:  The WikiReader is a small handheld device powered by two AAA batteries and displays more than three million Wikipedia articles on an easy-to-use touchscreen.  And what’s best, […]

You remember when you were a kid at a neighborhood Halloween party and had to stick your hand in a bag and guess what you were holding?  Cyber Clean feels like something you’d really not like to encounter without knowing what it is in advance. This gelatinous yellow gel comes in a yellow and green foil packet and feels like Play-doh gone bad or Jell-o gone old. But coax it out of the bag, then press […]