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Squishy Cyber Clean Lifts Keyboard Toejam from Tight Places - Wordulator : Wordulator

Cyber Clean in packageYou remember when you were a kid at a neighborhood Halloween party and had to stick your hand in a bag and guess what you were holding?  Cyber Clean feels like something you’d really not like to encounter without knowing what it is in advance. This gelatinous yellow gel comes in a yellow and green foil packet and feels like Play-doh gone bad or Jell-o gone old.

But coax it out of the bag, then press the Cyber Clean blob onto your computer or mobile phone keyboard to pull up the things that rest between the keys,  stuff like the crumbs of midnight crackers munched at your desk while you were trying to make a deadline, and cat hair from your favorite feline muse.  It seems to have just the right consistency not to leave anything behind.  And the bits that it picks up are not re-released when you re-use it.

Even the most fastidious of us sheds 40 – 50 thousand skin cells a day, and in all likelihood some of those make it to our computer keyboards, mobile phones and other electronics, not to mention car dashboards and desktops.  Take this test and find out just how gross your keyboard might be.

The packaging has a Strength Meter window that shows just how dark the Cyber Clean blob can get before it loses its effect and you should replace it.   Price: $5.99 available online.   While it’s great for keyboards and other crevices, it’s not really good for mobile phone or computer screens, but we’ll post shortly about another product that’s just awesome for all your screens.

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