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VIA Technologies, that has for years been quietly pursuing its business as the third of of the three official x86 CPU companies, is also an ARM licensee and today it knocked some common sense into the market’s thick head by unveiling APC, a $49 Android PC System.  APC is powered by a WonderMedia ARM processor, integrated memory, storage…basically everything you need to run great video, play Angry Birds, and browse […]

How often have you wished you could bring someone along on a particularly enjoyable vacation?  Looxcie, the makers of the wearable mobile-connected video cam, are letting you do that…almost.  Wearable over your ear or attachable to a ball cap, car visor, bicycle handle bars or helmet, the hands-free camera captures video just that way you see it. Rather than wait till you get home to share it, Looxcie Live, a […]

Ever shoot a video with your iPhone only to have the audio disappear into mush?  A new mini boom mic that fits atop your iPhone 3GS, 4 and4S  phone will change all that.  This little mic plugs into your earphone jack and delivers professional sound and has a near and far setting so you can capture an interview with a musician and also capture the musician’s performance on stage without […]

When I was just a kid I asked my mother for a Dymo label maker for my birthday.  I just thought it was the coolest thing and started making labels for everything in  wood grain, black , and red peel-off tape with embossed lettering in white.  Such a simple device but I had to figure out how exactly it worked so I took it apart.  BOING! The trigger spring jumped […]

Sometimes we get so entrenched in our traveling habits that it takes an event for travel press like the recent  Connected Traveler Technology Showcase to open our eyes to some serious technology as well as gadgets and devices that make traveling more efficient and enjoyable.  Here are some of them.  My next post will look at the apps and other software at the event. Every so often someone comes up […]

Ask me my opinion in a survey and I’ll usually decline, knowing that there’s some sales pitch attached, or my name and personal information will go into some deep repository to receive never-ending spam.  But there was something about the two freshly scrubbed kids in the Senado Square in Macao that made me stop, and willingly submit to their interviews. This was not a solitary incident.  My husband Russ and […]

Unless he’s one of those Arnold Schwarzenegger-dubbed “girlie men”, no guy in his right mind will carry around this netbook himself, but he sure might consider giving it to his Sweetie.  Spotted on Shanzai.com, this rhinestone sweetheart netbook comes from China, created by the very independent Shanzai developers who keep surprising us with unusual mobile products. At the heart of this, uh, heart-motif netbook beats either a VIA C7 or Intel […]

One of the irritations that goes along with owning an iPhone is the perpetual need to clean its surface.   It looks oh so pretty when you firest take it out of the box – and after that, it’s a perpetual battle to keep it clean.  Seems I was constantly grabbing a sleeve, a tissue or an eyeglass cloth from the optometrist to wipe the fingerprints off.  And nothing seemed to work until I tried the 3M microfiber […]

Ever wonder how Dad could answer all your questions?  And then you grew up and got smarter.  Now you can give him a Father’s Day gift that fits in a shirt pocket and help him reclaim his place as the smartest guy on earth:  The WikiReader is a small handheld device powered by two AAA batteries and displays more than three million Wikipedia articles on an easy-to-use touchscreen.  And what’s best, […]

You remember when you were a kid at a neighborhood Halloween party and had to stick your hand in a bag and guess what you were holding?  Cyber Clean feels like something you’d really not like to encounter without knowing what it is in advance. This gelatinous yellow gel comes in a yellow and green foil packet and feels like Play-doh gone bad or Jell-o gone old. But coax it out of the bag, then press […]